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Nicholas D’Agrosa







Where would be the best place to find the value of my 1987 325is BMW. I recently had my yearly fluids changed at Ferman’s BMW in Palm Harbor Fl. with the usual 20 point check-up. Was told that the car “is a rarity”. The car has been in the family for 31 of it’s 32 years and in my possession for 20 years. It just hit 99K miles and is in mint condition inside and outside. I am going to be 87 in a few weeks and will soon have to turn it over to one of my children. I always treat them the same-if the car is worth x-amount then I must give the other x-amount. Would once again appreciate your help. Thanks again, Nicholas D’Agrosa


Hello Mr. D’Agrosa, there is a N.A.D.A. book that covers your year car, another resource is Hemmings Classic Cars (click here for the website), the best resource is finding as many of the same cars that are for sale and average out the value, the book value on an older car is usually off. Keep in mind that what people are asking for their cars is not actually the selling price, that is why it’s important to average the value. Hope this helps, good luck.

Gil Neves


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