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Auto Start/Stop Feature


John Holtz







I don’t love the Auto Start/Stop feature on my 2018 X3 M40i. I understand that on pre-2018 BMWs the feature could be re-coded to ‘Last User Mode’ allowing the owner to deactivate the system. I’ve been advised that’s not possible on 2018 BMWs. Any chance of a another work-around fix for 2018 models? Thanks.


Hello Mr. Holtz, we had the same question previously, it is in the archives, but here is that answer:

“Hello Mr. Aulick. You have to go to the driving mode settings and set up a driving mode with the Auto Start/Stop to “off,” whenever you are in that driving mode it will be automatically off, however, if not in that driving mode, or if the ECO mode is on, or if the car sees a set of circumstances (can be many different things), it will revert to on. It will not remember the last setting as previous models. I also hear that 2019 and up you will not have an option to disable it. Hope it helps. Thank you for the question.”

Gil Neves


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  1. That sounds like another reason to look elsewhere.
    First the dip stick now the ability to not use start/stop technology.
    Dip sticks, automatic transmissions, run flats, start/stop – some may consider these ‘improvements’, others may simply want to look at/smell/feel the engine oil if we want to, etc.
    I have loved my BMWs but for the kind of money commanded today I want to govern not be governed.

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