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Hi Gil, I have a sort of unusual question. I recently returned from a round trip from Florida to New York. On my return trip I got a low coolant alarm. I have a 2019 BMW M240i convertible. Of course I was in a spot with no gas stations or rest stops. So I just added some of my bottled water, about 2 cups. That shut down the alarm. So I just drove the 100 plus miles home. The next day I brought my car to my BMW dealer. And told my story. The response was that this was no big thing because the coolant BMW uses has a high alcohol content and this does happen . My adding just water was fine. When I asked what brand coolant I could use in the future I sort of got a run around when I asked for a recommended brand. The dealer said I could buy a gallon from them but it cost $35 bucks. I not a cheapskate but that did seem over the top. Can you recommend a brand I could use?


Hi Mr. Bertos, while there are alternatives I would definitely stick with the BMW coolant, while $35.00 may seem excessive, what you get is one gallon of concentrate, which means you have to mix one gallon of distilled water to it, so you actually are paying $35.00 for 2 gallons. Please et me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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