One thought on “Airbag Inflator Recall

  1. I happened to call BMW NA Customer service yesterday to check when the replacement bags would be available for my wife’s 09 135i. The rep told me that NHTSA just issued an update to the program reprioritizing some car makers on the priority list. BMW, because it has had no reported failures was moved down on the priority list. The rep referred me to the airbag page to see the new car maker priorities. He also advised that the only “expedited” replacements being made by BMW was for cars coming off lease because they had to be fixed before they could be resold. No need to kill the messengers here if you call as they are just the bearers of the news. So as for now, there is no specific date for BMW airbag replacement to begin. However older cars and cars in the south will be served first. If your car was purchased used and initially was sold by a northern, Midwest or western dealer and is one of the post 2001 cars covered, it would behoove you call BMWNA and make sure your car is shown as being a southern car. Of course if you received the initial recall letter from BMW at your correct address, your data is already up to date.

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