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BMW 2002 Club – Florida Suncoast’s Vintage Car Collector Breakfast Group

While BMW’s are on every corner these days, this was not true in the early 1970’s in the United States. However the enthusiasm was there even from the beginning. When a BMW 2002 driver would spot another one coming the other way the headlights would flash and fists would pump as they passed each other, partly because they were the only two drivers on the road that knew what a BMW was at this time. A common refrain from the ladies when seeing a 2002 for the first time back then was “Cute Cars – What is it?” They did not know what it was, but they knew it was not their father’s car and they liked it. The irony is this refrain is still used when I pull up to a new BMW X5 today in my vintage 2002, most still do not know it is a BMW. You have to remember that in the early seventies most cars on the road were large and had big V8 engines. When an older business friend of mine rode along with me in my first 2002 on the highways of North Georgia years ago, I was just shifting from third gear to fourth when he noticed the speedometer read 90 mph. This prompted him to ask “Just what kind of car is this” with a wrinkled forehead. He remarked after the ride that he was amazed that a car slightly larger than a VW bug with only a four cylinder engine could be that much fun to drive.

Unlike today’s BMW’s with computer controls, proximity sensors and power features everywhere, the BMW 2002 is a basic car with roll up windows, no power steering or breaks – in short a car built for fun and sport, not comfort and luxury. For most 2002 enthusiasts, it is not only a fun car to drive but one you can work on yourself. While like any car over 40 years old, some parts are getting harder to find, however the fact that the car was always raced (then and now), a cottage industry has developed to support the car far beyond its expiration date. Many 2002 owners have personalized/customized their cars while others prefer as close to the original factory configuration.

If you are having a bad day and need a good laugh, try taking your BMW 2002 into a local BMW dealer for service – a comical but impossible task. With no computer and sporting carburetors, most BMW dealers have no solutions for you other than to sell you parts. It is this reason more than others that have forced BMW 2002 owners to seek out other owners with knowledge of the cars for guidance and knowledge of where to find spare parts or how to make repairs themselves. This has spawned Vintage BMW car clubs all over the US.

The BMW 2002 Breakfast Club is just such a group, with experience maintaining and restoring the cars, with numerous sources for hard to find parts or alternatives. As new enthusiasts discover the joy of owning a BMW 2002 or long time owners of the car continue to struggle to keep them running, the BMW 2002 Breakfast Club provides solutions and years of experience. The club meets on the third Saturday morning of each month at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant on Ulmerton Road in Clearwater. This is the same date as the DuPont Cars & Coffee and just down the street from their headquarters. The club is open to anyone with a BMW 2002 or interest in owning one. If you are interesting in joining the group feel free to contact Edd Wiemar to be added to the invitation email list or contact myself, Frank Mann or you can ask about the club at any of our monthly BMW CCA meeting as well.

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  1. Hi there,

    I have just moved to Cape Coral from NH, and am just beginning renovations on a little canal house here. My beloved ’76 2002 (Mint Grun) is snuggled into a barn on the NH seacoast, and waiting to be shipped south when we have a place for him. We ordered him off the line while living in Augsburg, then Munich, back in the 70’s. He has been mine since he was two, and we have been through a lot together. Can’t wait to get him down here, and look forward to meeting some of you in the next year or so. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll let me come in my Cooper!

    1. Lee,

      Would love to have you come and join us.  Coopers are always welcomed.  Can’t wait to see that 2002 in person.  We have a meeting this Saturday in  Estero at the Perkins at 9am.  Hope to see you there!



      Stan Dale

      President/FSC BMW CCA

  2. Well, thank you, Stan! A year plus has flown by without my car, but he just got delivered to Cape Coral this week I am starting a business so time is tight, but I would love to make it to a meet-up sometime soon!

    1. Lee looking forward to seeing you “back in the action” soon. Good luck on the start up. Can’t wait to see the 2002.

  3. My first car ever was a 73, agave 2002. with BWA mags, leather steering wheel, driving lights, abarth exhaust etc. I rally raced it in New England, with my good friends Phil Zahodiakin as Navigator, and had to sell it when I went to work for RJR in Brasil in 79. Today I drive an M4 convertible. At one time I picked a European delivery 533 i in Munich in 1983, went to Buchloe and Alpina, Andreas Bovensiepen, did suspension tire work and recaros. Back in the states Ray Korman upgraded the Shrick camshaft and 3 double barrel webers, Took it back to Europe and had a blast with it fo 8 more years. I moved to FL, three years ago and I find the climate here, vis a vis NY, more 2002 friendly….Maybe I should get back into it and put some time into it and enjoy its panoramic windows, fresh air, simplicity and 4 speed gearbox again.:). Back to basics in life never felt so good on a 2002.!!

  4. I have my 74/2002 for the past 12 years.
    5 years ago I changed the carburetor to a Webber
    38dgs & added headers to it & I also cut the intake & make it bigger for my Webber

  5. I joined BMWCCA in 1973 – member 2273. I still have my first BMW – a 1967 Type 114 1602. Building/restoring it has been a 40 year love affair. It runs great and looks great but I am always finding things to do on it. It was originally purchased to compete is IMSA RS Sedan Series. We ran out of money (no surprise) so I opened a BMW Repair shop AutoWerke Inc and a Parts store Autoy Inc in Rockville MD. So every 5 years or so I would put it on the lift and work on it for a while. It is quite different from the original 1602. Current configuration is a full roll cage in a rust free chassis. Suspension is Tii Bilstein Sport Front and Custom Bilstein Rears, Autoy design F & R Springs. 320i Rear brakes with Sintered Metallic Shoes. Boxed Trailing Arms, Tii Front Struts, Brakes & Bearings. Diff is 3.9 LSD. 4 Speed Stock Trans. Under the hood lurks an early Tii 10:1 2.0L Fed by a Pair of Solex 40PHH Carbs. In the trunk is a 22 gallon endurance fuel cel with 2 pumps and an hour meter to record engine running time.
    Current projects: Install rear window safety straps and install horns (Porsche 911 horns sound stately).
    We are looking forward to meeting members and attending events and shows as soon as COVID will allow.
    Thanks to Lee Perault for her help with the car and her generous friendship.

  6. Hope this still goes somewhere. Just spoke with Stan on the phone, thank you for the info. I recently bought a 76 2002 that now resides in Cape Coral. Have to admit that I have not seen one since I moved here 21 years ago. Lee, or if anyone else out there has one. Please let me know, I would love to meet.



  7. I am just now reading the great comments by my friend, Dave Toy. From the day we met, ours was pretty much an instant friendship … sort of like two lost adventurers who find each other in the wilderness, lol. Dave has been a wealth of information for me and my car, as well as being a constant source for parts and pieces that I would probably never otherwise own. The best I find that I can offer in return is to be his ‘car girl’, helping with things that he just can’t physically manage, such as climbing around through his roll cage, cleaning, touching up and anything else that needs a hand. Besides, helping Dave, twisting into a pretzel keeps me in shape, too!

    I also want to mention that I spent a wonderful afternoon with John Miksa, with his pretty, then recently purchased ‘76. He met me at a local cruise-in last spring, and we had fun as a duo of ‘02s amid the muscle cars and my friend’s VW bus.

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