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 Howdy“Howdy … Howdy friends and neighbors won’t you step-up and shake my hand…”      

I use to listen to this song every morning on the AM radio as my mom drove me to school.  Little did I know how much it would influence my life!

I’ll start by saying It’s an honor to be selected to serve as your President for 2016.

If you are a legacy member of FSC BMW CCA I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and learning about your passion for the BMW brand.  If you are returning member, we welcome you back!  We’re putting a fresh coat of paint on things…we hope you’ll like what you see!   If you are a new member to our group, well we sure are glad to have you, come on in and make yourself at right at home!

My mom says, “Stan never meets a stranger”!  Over the years that seems to be the case….I am always excited to learn about others…Who you are, what you like (or don’t like) and more.  Don’t be shy, your email or a phone call will always be welcomed.

With Officer and Board Member elections complete, your 2016 leadership group held the first BOD meeting on Saturday, February 20th in Tampa.  The meeting yielded some specific goals and objectives for the 2016 season:

  • Members will have full access to each Officer and Board Member:
    • Names/ Face pics / Contact info is posted on the web-site
  • Full disclosure of FSC Financial information (Available each month)
  • Specific emphasis is being placed on improved communications:
    • Timely information via our e-mail blast and web-site
    • Timely information about upcoming events
    • Timely follow-up post-event with recap stories and photos
  • Advanced planned events. Featuring a variety of options:
    • Tech sessions of various interest items
    • Short drives, Touring events and Rallies
    • Coffee & Cars, Meet & Greets, etc.
    • Car Clinics, Auto Cross, etc.
    • Car Shows of all descriptions – Promote the Brand!
  • Encourage members to check the web-site frequently

This is just the beginning.  Let me invite you out to an event.  Or better yet, want to host an event?  Give me or any BOD member a call…we can work out the details.

Until next time…. step-up and shake hands with a BMW friend or neighbor… Happy Motoring….


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