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Guys Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast. Hey coming to you on a on a on a plea here (uh) we have some (uh) position opening on our Board of Directors this year (um) and so what I’d like to do is just put out the Call for Nominations for (uh) Board members, we have (uh) four returning but we have one open (uh) position for Board and (uh) looking at our nominations if you want to serve or want to do some things or want consider being an Area Governor (uh) please reach out to me week I’m going to open the nominations today with this notification and we’ll close them next Friday and once we do that (uh) we’ll we’ll send out the election (uh) information who’s nominees and then how the election will work. This year we’ve streamlined it we’ve joined in with BMW CCA on their main platform. (uh) We’ve sort of put the MSR platform aside it was a little difficult to get in but but everybody can get into the BMW CCA platform with their member number and go to an elections (uh) website set up solely for us and you get onetime vote once your number’s been been entered and you vote that’s it it blocks that number but it’s so easy to get into and do your vote. Counting on you we know there’s a lot of folks out there that want to be a part of this and we’ve got just some amazing folks that are already involved and helping us create this Florida SunCoast environment (um) but we need really good folks to continue doing that so if you’re interested in that please reach out to me personally this week put your name on the list we’ll talk about what’s available (uh and) and get your name on the on the nomination form for the elections that’ll come up later in December. So until then thanks for all the folks that are currently serving and for those folks that have (uh) some skill sets that they want to contribute to the chapter let me know this week you can email me give me a call text me (uh) my information is on the front page of our website until then Happy Motoring and thanks.

Nominations for the Chapter’s 2024 Executive Officers and Directors begin on Friday, December 1, 2023, by action of the Chapter Board of Directors (BOD).

Per the Chapter By-Laws (page 12), a Chapter member may nominate any other active member by submitting a nomination in writing via the US mail service or electronically via e-mail, with the consent of the nominee. The nomination shall be addressed to the current Acting President, Stan Dale (president@fscbmwcca,com) and Treasurer, Michael Clark ( or mailed to Florida SunCoast Chapter, P.O. Box 233 Palm Harbor, FL 34682-0233. Nominations may also be made verbally at a any General Membership Meeting. At either instance, a member-nominee put forth at a business meeting or in a written document, must be a Chapter member in good standing, have consented to his/her name being put forth by stating that he/she will actively serve in that office if elected.

The Chapter By-Laws, and its nomination provisions, do not provide for write-in candidates for office.

The nomination process closes on Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 11:59 PM (one minute before midnight). Along with all currently occupied offices, nominations will be accepted for appointees (non-elected), REGIONAL GOVERNORS (click here to view the description of these positions).

A candidate for any Florida SunCoast BMW CCA office must be a Florida SunCoast BMW CCA member in good standing; potential candidates are strongly encouraged to view the FSC By-Laws for the qualification requirements and the election rules contained in the BMW Car Club of America, Inc. Operations Manual.

The current BOD, by resolution made by a By-Law provision, decided that the election ballots will be cast electronically by members and be available when the nomination process is completed. A complete ballot for the various offices will be provided on for members to mark their individual votes for candidates. Separately on that web site, your name and membership number will be recorded for ballot validation. Electronic voting for candidates will open on Sunday, December 17, 2023 at 12:01 PM (one minute after Noon), and close on Friday, January 5, 2023 at 11:59 PM (one minute before midnight). Complete information for voting will be provided active and associate members and by email. There is NO FEE to vote.

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