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Dear FSC Chapter Members,

It’s hard to remember back to January, a new year with excitement and hope. Planning for chapter events was on our minds – drives, car shows, autocross, Street Survival training, general get-togethers. Thanks to the COVID-19 virus – most of this hasn’t happened! We hope you and your chapter members have been safe and healthy during this year. At the BMW CCA Foundation, we’ve practiced social distancing by rotating our staff between home and the office and continued to assemble our fourth exhibition, GENESIS – BMW From the Beginning, the most comprehensive collection of older BMW’s assembled outside of Germany.

It was supposed to open May 15, but like so many plans, it was postponed until a couple of weeks ago. When we finally opened our Museum to the public, it included upgrades to our facility and improved the safety of our staff and guests. The opening didn’t start with the big bang we typically do, but a quiet and small opening that will hopefully build into a steady stream of visitors.

As we’ve had time to reflect, we’d like to provide a couple of posters for you to give to your chapter members. They were from the PASSION show last year. There’s always interest in a red E30 M3! Whether you are getting together physically or virtually, please give them out as you see fit.

We hope you can come to see the exhibit in person! If travel is not in your plans, take a look on-line at the video on the Foundation webpage about GENESIS or grab an exhibition book. It does a great job of capturing the information and feeling of being there.

Take care and be safe!

Neil Baer
Operations Director, BMW CCA Foundation



The latest Foundation exhibition is GENESIS: BMW From the Beginning

This exhibition is presented by The Werk Shop, with additional sponsorship from Classic BMW of Plano, Texas, CocoMats, and Yokohama Tires. GENESIS represents the most comprehensive exhibit of early BMWs ever staged in North America, bringing 24 significant cars and motorcycles from BMW’s first 50 years. GENESIS tells the story of BMW’s origins as a maker of airplane engines during World War I through its expansion into motorcycle and automobile production in the 1920s. Informative kiosks and fascinating archival photos will guide visitors through five decades of BMW history. GENESIS will illuminate BMW’s technical innovations as well as its role in supplying the German military through two world wars, and its re-emergence as a peacetime mobility company in the aftermath of World War II.

GENESIS includes motorcycles from the 1927 R47 sport bike and the Depression-era 1931 R2 single to the sidecar-and-trailer-equipped 1944 R75 that provides a rare vantage point to BMW’s World War II-era production for the German military, as well as a 1949 R24, BMW’s earliest postwar vehicle.

The automobiles on display in GENESIS include one of BMW’s first all-new cars of its own design—a 1934 309—as well as stunning 1930s sports cars like the 315/1 and 328 roadsters, and the luxurious 335 with its powerful 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder engine. Several of these pre-war machines are the only examples of their kind in the US. Together, they take visitors through BMW’s astoundingly rapid development as a carmaker in the 1930s, when its race-winning roadsters gained world renown, while cars from the 1950s highlight its resurrection with the Baroque Angel sedans, V8-powered 503, 507 and 3200 CS, and a succession of microcars.

Location (with plenty of free parking) 190 Manatee Court, Greer, SC 29651

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