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On Saturday August 27th, the Florida Suncoast BMW CCA held what we called a “Pizza and SIM Racing” event at the home of a fellow car enthusiasts, Ruggero & Carla Santilli. Upon arrival Ruggero proudly gave tours of his garden with samples from his tropical fruit trees (I ended up with a 30 pound Jack Fruit). Inside Carla welcomed everyone with a large selection of wine and appetizers. Upon entry to their living room we all noticed the large SIM racing system set up for the Sebring track that we would all take turns on. A few members could not wait and immediately tried their hands on the racing simulator filling the room with the sounds of revving engines and squealing brakes.

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Later Ruggero gave everyone a tour of his garage with its extensive collection of very rare and exotic cars including a Fly Yellow Testarossa and an Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale (number 9 of 9). Meanwhile back inside the pizzas had arrived, so we all ate our fill with a variety of wines followed by various deserts and homemade expresso. After the food we got down to business and had a race with the guys against the girls. Prizes were awarded to the fastest man and woman brave enough to test the Sebring track.

Thanks again to Ruggero and Carla Santilli for opening up their home to the BMW club. It was a lot of fun and something we may consider doing again in the future.


Frank Mann

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