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FSC BMW CCA takes to the mid-way at the 6th Annual Oktoberfest in beautiful downtown Punta Gorda, Florida. FSC presented twenty (20) BMW’s from north, south east and west for the All-German Car Show. The weatherman delivered beautiful blue skies for the event making all that polish-work worth-while.

This was the year of the bmwm   Of the twenty BMW’s at this year’s event, nine (9) were “M’s”. Scroll down to view the galleries below.

20161001-ofest-touring_3672Several members gathered at the Daniels Pkwy rest area in Ft Myers to join the driving tour. We departed around 2:30 pm to make the 30 minute drive up to Punta Gorda. The drive was smooth and uneventful as we tooled up I-75 to exit 164. With the cars all shined-up, we sure had a lot of lookers. .


It’s always fun to drive into the show space at Oktoberfest. The long line of BMW’s is really impressive and tends to turn a lot of heads as they parade in. The professionalism is really cool. Each BMW member awaits their turn to smartly spot and park their Bimmer into the designated show spot. President Stan Dale quickly works with each driver to align the vehicles for a nice clean, crisp show look. We make it look like we’ve done this a time or two.

After the Bimmers are parked, it’s time to knock off any dust we may have collected on the drive in. Tire dressing, dusters and Windex are all put to last minute use.

After a quick shine it’s time mix, mingle and see old friends and meet new ones. Trading car stories abounds the conversations. Unlike fisherman, theirs is no room for a “whale-of-a-tale” here. There are just too many folks that know their stuff. Wink-wink!


Major Classics at Oktoberfest!

Jurgen Otto displays his 1980 M1. A remarkable piece of BMW design history. 

Frank Mann, Vice President displays his 2002 show-stopper. Both vehicles drew a lot of attention.

Some of the M Badges on display at the 6th Annual Oktoberfest

As always it was great to see the returning members showing at the 6th Annual Oktoberfest:  Frank Mann; Mark Williamson; Phil & Lois Castronova; Tony & Nancy Krupien; Mario & Carol Villar; Michael Schroeder.  Bill & Mary Caldwell picked up a spike in the sidewall of their 335is and had to miss this year’s show.  We missed you both.

It was also exciting to meet & see so many new members showing this year.  Welcome to: Jurgen Otto; Joe & Cristina Young; Justin & Megan Fritz; David & Dawn Uman; Ross Lund; Don Kapp; Johnny Rodriguez; David & Linda Bankston; James Agnew and Dave Dion.  James Mattise was scheduled to show his 1989 635csi.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great weekend event.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Had such a great time and truly enjoyed meeting so many “good” people! It certainly was a pleasure meeting and speaking with everyone there. All of the vehicles are beautiful – cherished as they should be. Puts a “biem” on my face

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