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On Saturday May 14th the Suncoast BMW club held their monthly meeting for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel restaurant on Ulmerton Blvd. This location was chosen because of its close proximity to the May event location – Exotic Motors South. Although the Cracker Barrel is not an ideal location for our meetings because of the lack of a private room, they were very accommodating. Because of a glitch in our RSVP portion of the web site we did experience some difficulty signing up for this event. We apologized for this inconvenience and hopefully it will be address before next month’s meeting. As a result the number of attendees was somewhat under estimated, but the helpful people at the Cracker Barrel kept adding chairs and tables until everyone was seated.

After a hearty breakfast we met outside the restaurant for a brief business meeting. Quieter than inside the restaurant – we concluded that everyone who attended said the Saturday Breakfast meeting was preferred to a nightly meeting making it easier to attended. While the number of newer faces at the meeting suggests this is true, going forward we may include some evening meetings, although the Saturday Breakfast meeting seems to be very popular and will remain a part of our meeting schedule planning. Also discussed was the monthly meeting schedule tied to an event such as the tour of Exotic Motors South. An over whelming number of attendees said they really prefer this arrangement rather than just a breakfast meeting. We will attempt to continue this combination of events and breakfast meetings as best we can as long as our creativity holds out.

A brief explanation of our club’s quarterly financials was discussed followed by an introduction of each attendee along with a description of the BMW they were driving and/or owned. Bill Caldwell then explained a proposed driving tour ending with brunch at the Mission Inn located at Howey In the Hills just northeast of Tampa. Details of this event will appear soon on the web site. With our business events finished, we each then headed out to our individual vehicles after a brief set of driving directions and drove to the next location for our tour of Exotic Motors South.

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We had estimated being at Exotic Motors South at 11:00 AM, but breakfast and our subsequent meeting went well so we arrived a few minutes early before our hosts had arrived. We used this time to get to know each other better and look over each of our cars. Our Hosts arrived to find a their parking lot filled with a variety of BMW’s and their anxious owners. Inside the facilities we were greeted by a large selection of exotic and rare cars including vintage and newer Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maserati’s, and a full racing Saleen which the shop owns. Exotic Motors is authorized to service BMW as well and is knowledgeable how to work on the more vintage cars that the dealer struggles with. They are also able to perform full restorations as well.

The staff at Exotic Motors South were very friendly and helpful. We would like to offer our thanks for sharing their impressive facilities and hospitality.

If you enjoyed this event then stay tuned for the next announcement or watch the web site for the next list of events.

Frank Mann

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