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Introduction to the Basic 6-Cylinder BMW Motor

Kyle, Ferman's Shop Foreman, Explaining Why a "Clean BMW 330ci Six Cylinder" is Easier to Trouble Shoot
Kyle, Ferman’s Shop Foreman, Explaining Why a “Clean BMW 330ci Six Cylinder” is Easier to Trouble Shoot

Yes, Ferman BMW Does Stock Your BMW Tire Size
Yes, Ferman BMW Does Stock Your BMW Tire Size

At about 9:45 AM we took the 15-minute drive over to Ferman BMW. As you can see in attached Photo #1, there were thirteen of us attending the Tech Session. (Note: If you’re counting the people in the picture, you’ll see only twelve people.) We would like to thank Bill Caldwell for taking all of the photographs. He’s the thirteenth person.

A special thanks to Brian Pelletier, Service Director at Ferman BMW, for providing the shop, Parts Department, and Kyle Silcox, Shop Foreman (see attached Photo #2).

We first visited the Parts Department, where we received an overview of how a part is identified and where it’s located in the storage area. We then had a tour of the Parts Department. I think most of us were amazed at how many tires were kept in stock. (see attached Photo #3)

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The fun really began, when we went into the shop and Kyle gave us an overview and history of the 6-cylender BMW motor (see attached Photo #4). I don’t think there are many people alive who know as much about that engine and the progression from the basic 6-cylinder to the high-output M4 motor. He then hooked up a car to the BMW code reader and showed us how the BMW codes are read (see attached Photo #5). He wanted us to be aware that all the codes generated by a BMW are not available to a third-party shop.  BMW only provides the codes required by the EPA to maintain performance of the motor to third-party shops. During the presentation Kyle was available to answer any questions that we had, and there were many. After the formal presentation and general questions were answered, Kyle stayed for another 45 minutes to answer specific questions that we had about our respective cars.

Again, the BMW CCA Florida Suncoast Region would like to thank Kyle, Brian, and Ferman BMW for their support and hospitality.

We certainly hope that you enjoyed the Tech Session and are looking forward to attending the session on April 16, 2016, at Dynamic Tuning in Hudson, Florida.  That session will look at how to get a little more performance out of your BMW. See the website for complete details. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks to Kathy and Dennis Johnston who coordinated and hosted this event.

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