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Tim Bromley







hey Gil,
I love my 435i with the A8 except for one thing it isn’t a manual transmission. So I’ve been considering a 2013 M3 but I’ve heard about expensive issues like throttle actuators and rod bearing issues what do you see – are these only high mileage issues or not a big deal and how expensive is this?


Hello Mr. Brabender, sorry for the delay, in order to code any options into the car you will need to have or find someone with a BMW coding compatible scan tool. Of course the dealer can do this as well as independent shops that have the tool. As fa as the options that are available it depends on the year, model and the actual hardware installed in the car at the factory, the only way to find out for sure what is available is also with the scan tool. Hope it helps.

Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Thanks Gil,

    At some point in the model run of the e92, bmw changed the bearing surface material to a harder metal. But I also heard because the new material was harder it can cause crack shaft journal damage. There is another bearing made by B.E. that has a redesigned surface that is long lasting that does not hurt the crank journals but lasts a long time. If one chose to replace the bearings before any problems appeared what would the cost be to do that at your shop and what is the cost to replace both throttle actuators?

    Thanks a bunch – you’re answers are very much appreciated.

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