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Noel Dunham







Greetings. I have a 2013 M3/E93 Conv., 25,000 mi. Just did an oil change. Electronic oil measure shows oil in “ok” range but approx .250L low. I added the quarter of a bottle (.250) and after a few days have the same reading. I read to disconnect the negative Battery terminal and let car sit overnight. Reconnect next day and check oil. Will I lose any software memory, settings, music etc? Thanks in advance. Noel


Hello Mr. Dunham, thank you for the question. You will lose some of the running adaptations on the engine computer, don’t worry about them as the computer will relearn them, you will lose other settings such as the auto up/down window function, maybe the radio presets, which are easily relearned. The main issue I would be worried about is the possibility of having an oil consumption issue, I would have the car checked for it, the oil level indicator should update the level automatically without having to disconnect the battery, it sounds as if you may have an oil consumption issue, which can be as simple as a vacuum leak or you have an issue with the electronics. Good luck. Thank you.

Gil Neves

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  1. Mr Neves, thanks for taking my question. I will follow through and take care of it. Thank you Sir, Noel

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