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Linda Papke







I have 1998 BMW Z3 Roadster CVT AND WOULD LIKE TO REPLACE SOME INTERIOR PARTS WHICH ARE CRACKING. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER. Part I am looking for : Subwoofer storage box cover – beige or tan part no. 51 16 8407986. this I am sure of part number The other part is the larger cover which attaches to subwoofer cover. The convertible top boot/cover attaches to this larger part when in use. also need a shifter cover for gear shift.

I am having the convertible top replaced next week and hopefully this will look great. Sunbrite Auto in Tampa is doing the replacement I wish to keep the car and maintain the interior so it looks nice.
At some point I would like to restore the seats since the leather is showing wear. Do you know of upstart repair shops. Just starting this search and any help would be appreciated. thank you


Hello Mrs. Papke, the best source for the parts is going to be the dealer. The easiest way to find the part is to go on a website called, you will need to enter the last 7 digits of the vin # and that will bring up all of the drawings for the car, separated in sections. Click on the appropriate section and it will have the drawing with the corresponding part number, do not look at the prices as they are usually wrong, or you can always call the dealer and describe the part to them. Hope it helps. Thank you for your question.

Gil Neves


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